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Cloud Digital Marketing Ecosystem
Building trusted digital marketing system + 5g infinite cloud storage network ecology

TD Chain Initiated by Asian Digital alliance, digital marketing public chain under global cloud storage ecology is also the first streaming media storage application based on IPFs interstellar file system. Digital marketing ecology is reconstructed through POC credit consensus mechanism and modular pluggable blockchain underlying technology. We should really make all parties involved in digital marketing operate business under a truly open and transparent mechanism. TD chain supports the cross chain circulation of eth, BCS and other digital assets, and realizes the cross chain liquidity mining of defi in the future


Establish TD Chain big data exchange smart contract to realize cross chain data cooperation

TD Chain has built an intelligent data transaction contract, encouraging more than 20 million DMPS (data providers) and more than 2 billion users to trade with other DMPS or even users' private encrypted data under the self key protection mechanism.

Realize the effective combination of TD Chain, 5g technology and artificial intelligence

As a cutting-edge communication technology, 5g can be regarded as the infrastructure of communication system, and TD Chain is essentially a distributed system layout scheme, which is an application direction of communication system. After using 5g architecture, TD Chain can quickly realize the construction of wireless cloud storage network ecology, which provides more efficient underlying protocol support for TD Chain core distributed digital marketing system.

Build storage application system based on IPFs to realize unlimited storage of streaming media

On the basis of 5g wireless cloud storage network ecology, TD Chain will provide IPFs based storage application system to expand the storage space of digital marketing streaming media data. Users get certain incentive contribution value through IPFs contract, which will enhance users' enthusiasm for TD Chain wireless cloud storage network.

Double pass mode design, fast realization of commercial landing

TD chain will issue TD Chain, a value token based on public chain ecology, and CSS (cloud storage system) of ecological incentive side chain. In the future, TD chain will be built to decentralize the exchange and explore the possibility of more defi mode. CSS will be introduced into the defi system based on TD Chian public chain, so as to realize liquidity mining. At the same time, it will also carry out mining with physical mining machines, realize the high-value fission of TD Chain and CSS, and create more value and liquidity for users and global investors.





The founder and CEO of BAM. Has many years of experience in the global mobile advertising market.


Co-founder, CMO of BAM. In charge of overseas market development and global community construction of BAM chain project.


Technology partners. Work for HuaWei as Senior cloud computing technology experts, senior technology consultant for big data technology and application.

Andy Wei

TDChain Technical Advisor, Senior Project Manager at Microsoft, responsible for project management of the Chinese government, has in-depth research and development experience in distributed development and algorithms.


Co-founder, COO. Director&COO of Metaps Singapore, a leading big data company in East Asia.

Cooperative organization

Investment institutions

SSG Capital(Hezong capital),It is an authoritative investment bank focusing on private equity financing, listed financial advisory and investment management for start-up and high-growth enterprises in mainland China.

Innospace venture capital fund: relying on the early investment institutions of innospace incubator, it focuses on mobile Internet / blockchain start-up and growth projects, and provides professional, comprehensive and refined post investment services for entrepreneurial projects to help them grow rapidly and continuously. At present, it has invested in nearly 50 excellent early venture projects at home and abroad, and tdchain, as one of them, has obtained angel investment from the fund.

Cooperative organization

Huayang Lianzhong: founded in 1994, it has been focusing on providing comprehensive Internet marketing services for customers since 2002. It has integrated three advantageous business sectors, namely, information technology marketing service, media channel data platform and cultural media IP content. It is an information technology service company focusing on driving growth and integrating Omni channel marketing. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 2, 2017.

Gushcloud: a well-known digital marketing company in Singapore, established in 2011, provides brand management and digital marketing services for brand merchants by integrating resources such as KOLs and content creators. In August, 2019, the US $11 million financing will be completed, led by Indonesia's GDP venture, followed by KB investments from South Korea, golden equator capital from Singapore, Korea investment partners from Korea and kejora ventures from Indonesia.